Ravnsborg Tværgade

A modern property integrated into the classic Copenhagen block

Ravnsborg Tværgade 7 is a newly built property in a fully developed complex of residential properties harmonising with the classic architecture and the neighbouring buildings.

The flats that make up the Ravnsborg complex were built in the period 1871-1890 – Ravnsborg Tværgade 7 is the only new building.

To ensure that the new property is perfectly integrated with its surroundings, the floor and roof heights of the adjoining buildings were allowed to dictate those of the new property. The ground floor opens up to the street via large windows that reveal the activities taking place inside the building to passers-by, creating life in the urban environment. The Ravnsborg complex is situated in a lively and active neighbourhood, and we therefore wanted an open ground floor with attractive commercial premises that contribute positively to the local street life.

The flats in the property are organised as open-plan dwellings with large window sections which ensure lots of daylight and with French balconies functioning as private semi-outdoor areas. On the fifth floor, the flats have large dormer windows affording views of The Lakes and the Copenhagen skyline.

The property is built in dark brick to discreetly underline the fact that the property is new and therefore stands in contrast to the light plaster facades of the neighbouring properties.

Copenhagen N | Denmark
Completed, 2014