Rapha Cycling Club - transformation

The very first Rapha Cycling Club in Denmark

We conducted the preparation and interior design of the rental property for Rapha Cycling Club in central Copenhagen.

Rapha is found all over the world, and describes itself as follows: “The Rapha Cycling Club is the first cycling club of its kind, an active riding and racing club designed to create a global community of like-minded, passionate road riders”.

The store is Rapha Cycling Club’s first in Denmark and focuses on the sale of and advice regarding high quality cycling products, and is also behind a whole host of events and trips – all based on the joy of cycling.

The attractive cycle store offers good coffee and fabulous cycling equipment for enthusiasts and connoisseurs, and fits in well in the budding shopping environment.

We acted as local architectural consultant, assisting Rapha Cycling Club’s team in the planning and realisation of the store.

Transformation and Renovation | Retail
Copenhagen | Denmark
Rapha Cycling Club
Realised, 2016
170 m²