Rantzausbakke - Landscape

Green residential neighbourhood

A new housing development on Rantzausbakke in Horsens offers a chance to live with nature on your doorstep. The landscape architecture actively integrates the surrounding meadowy landscape.

The Rantzausbakke housing development will be sited between the Hansted river valley and Åbjerg woods on the western outskirts of Horsens – offering easy access for residents to lakes, woods and meadows.

Rantzausbakke will be divided into three smaller residential areas – Bakken, Engen and Lunden – each with their own identity in the form of different building structures, road layouts and landscaping features. The three residential areas will be linked by a central green common-like tract of land. The common will invite residents to engage in various recreational activities and will include a community building and adjoining outdoor areas. Here, residents can come together for communal dining, activities in the playground, outdoor fitness and gatherings around the bonfire or in the communal vegetable gardens. The entire area will be linked by a network of footpaths and bicycle paths across the common, and which will also provide easy access to the nearby woods, lakes and the rolling meadow landscape.

An interconnected system of waterways
The outdoor areas on Rantzausbakke are also characterised by visible Local Rainwater Drainage solutions in the form of rainwater beds, ponds and ditches, which lead precipitation away from the residential area and down to the lake Bygholm Sø. The main waterway is designed to carry the water from roads and residential areas via roadside ditches and through the meadow landscape, on its path encountering dips in the terrain which will retain and percolate the water before it can continue along the network of channels. This makes the most of the site, while the landscape is enhanced by being modified to create interesting spaces through variation in the terrain and vegetation.

Horsens | Denmark
Birch Ejendomme
37.000 m²
Realised, 2017