Randers Kaserne

From old barracks to a modern neighbourhood that meets today's high standards for the good urban life

Over the coming years, the old barracks in Randers will be transformed into a modern neighbourhood with a combination of housings, green urban spaces and businesses.

Årstiderne Arkitekter contributes to the development of the area with the first housing block, that will draw clear architectural references to the areas’ history and the existing buildings.

The vision for Randers Kaserne is to create an area that will meet today’s high standards for the good urban life – a neighbourhood that will not only offer attractive housings, but also includes everyday practicalities, recreational activities and attractive urban spaces for residents and visitors. By i Byen is the organization behind the project, which will have its origin point in the barracks’ old buildings, and further develop the area into a vibrant and diverse district in northern Randers.

Some of the old buildings, which date back to the 1930’s, have already been preserved and transformed into different types of businesses. Årstiderne Arkitekter has designed the first housing block of the area, which covers almost 8.400 m2. The block will contain different types of private housing of varying size – this will ensure a diverse combination of residents, where students will live side by side with families, children and older generations.

The new block is designed with respect of the barrack’s existing buildings to maintain the historical identity, the atmosphere and the architectural qualities of the area – these will be reinterpreted into a modern expression. In example in the brickwork, that will draw clear references to existing buildings that is characterized by simple architectural proportions.

The new block repeats the simple, strong structure of the existing buildings, and is designed as four separate blocks with different expressions. Common to the buildings is that none of them are designed with a clear defined front and back. This way, you will be able to naturally arrive to the houses from both the street and the garden. On both sites of the housings there will be private outdoor areas.

Between the blocks we establish common, green spaces with through-going pathways – these will connect the area internally and will also connect the new neighbourhood with the city centre and the nearby nature resorts.

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