Promenadebyen is located 'at the end' of Odense canal and the Port of Odense.

It is located between Odense C, Åløkkeskoven woods and the new recreational harbour, forming the cut-off line between city and harbour and giving Odense an architecturally distinctive face towards the water.

Årstiderne Arkitekter has designed three blocks of apartments as well as the entire master plan for Promenadebyen, which transforms the former unrefined port area into a recreational neighbourhood. The development plan takes advantage of the nearby surroundings and, in close interplay, creates a new neighbourhood; an exclusive and lively residential area in the heart of Odense.

The main feature of the development plan is two development strings: The promenade houses to the north constitute central Odense’s actual encounter with the new harbour areas and the water. A lower development completes the plan towards the south.

The dynamic urban area which arises between the two development strings opens out towards Åløkkeskoven wood, drawing the green recreational areas into the development. The development varies in density, intensity and scale, from a six-storey open structure in the west to a more intense, ten-storey development towards the east. The intention of the varied development is to establish contact between Odense C and the harbour, with recreational activities, transport and industry.

Odense | Denmark
Odense Havn
Realised, 2011