Transformation of run-down warehouse into a functional retail park

Both the outdoor areas and the building, which houses six shops and administration offices for Power Denmark, have been extensively renovated and architecturally upgraded to meet current requirements.

A uniform and distinctly modern identity that supports all the shop’s brands has been created for the building, which comprises 6,666 square metres of retail space and 2,214 square metres of office space.

The conversion was carried out as a turnkey contract – and in just 14 weeks. Årstiderne Arkitekter has aligned the various shop concepts to meet specific customer requirements, and prepared traffic and customer flows and carpark layouts as well as being in charge of implementation and supervision.

The retail park – with its new and coherent identity and design – houses Power’s first store in Denmark as well as Kvik, Invita, Tæppeland, Sport 24 and T. Hansen. The leases have been designed with maximum flexibility and can easily be changed to suit the wishes and requirements of the lessees, and with good and well-laid out car parking for all the shops.

Glostrup | Denmark
TT Partners
6.700 m2 store | 2.200 m2 office
Realised, 2015