PFA, Marina Park

Transformation of the iconic domicile in Copenhagen's northern harbour

The transformation of PFA’s iconic domicile, Marina Park, will be executed with a deep respect to the building’s characteristic architecture and materiality. The introverted property will be opened up towards the buzzing area at Nordhavnen – Copenhagen’s Northern Harbour. Simultaneously, a modern workplace with a huge inner square, green outdoor facilities and new office spaces with informal settings is begin created.

Maintaining the unique character
Marina Park has been housing PFA for more than three decades, and the red brick building in Nordhavnen has almost become a synonym with the pension fund.

Marina Park is a characteristic – and at the same time atypical – domicile with clear post-modern traits. Thus, one of the main architectural thrusts has been to maintain, underline and reinterpret the unique idiom of the building, and at the same time to open the property up towards Nordhavnen as a more welcoming domicile. Furthermore, we revitalize Marina Park into a vibrant and modern workplace that will clearly reflect PFA’s values and culture.

In the restoration of Marina Park, we carry on the auburn colours, the structure of the building and the characteristic quarry tiles that bedeck the facades of the building. At the same time, we refurbish the facades with materials that will infuse the building with a new, modern expression – in example all the windows will be changed into a thin, contemporary and elegant frame, which will lighten the original facade expression.

Today Marina Park consists of two separate buildings, which will be linked during the transformation with three connecting walkways. The walkways are designed in line with the existing architecture – in example with facings in Corten steel. The new walkways will connect the buildings on three levels, and will be furnished will smaller seating groups that can be used for informal meetings and breaks during the day. At the top of the walkways we establish new roof gardens.

A part of the rapid development in Nordhavnen
Marina Park is situated in the Northern Harbour of Copenhagen, Nordhavnen – an area in rapid developments that is being transformed from industrial sites into an open, vivid and intensified part of town. Therefore, we work actively to create a domicile which to a greater extend will relate itself to its surroundings.

Here, we have worked profoundly with the outer areas surrounding Marina Park with an outdoor arrival area and green spaces between the buildings. Beneath Marina Park, at the places where the building is raised above the ground, the green spaces will continue beneath the building – thus, Marina Park will visually be placed in top of a green base, which will create a more welcoming building to the outside world.

Another architectural thrust has been to move the main entrance of Marina Park, so users and visitors at Marina Park will arrive from Sundkrogsggade, where the areas’ underground station and local train station are placed. By the new entrance the well-known work of art “Tumlingerne” by Bjørn Nørgaard will be placed.

Front Office
Marina Park is originally constructed on pillars, which create a huge, unexploited area beneath the buildings. In carefully selected places this area is being used to establish new functions – in example the employees’ gym, which has been placed on the top floors, will be moved to the new ground floor. Furthermore, we establish a new kitchen, cafeteria, a new auditorium and a new central square, that will be the heart and center of PFA in the future – Front Office.

Through the new main entrance, you arrive directly to Front Office, where users and visitors will meet an open and vibrant atmosphere. Front Office will be the flagship, the meeting point and the arrival area of Marina Park. Here, we create a huge, inner square, that will connect all the functions of the domicile. Also, Front Office will support a dynamic, flexible cooperation and community in the building.

Front Office contains a cafe and smaller “coffee islands” that can serve both employees and guests. Also, the square contains meeting centers on different levels. By using big doors, Front office can be connected to the new gym and auditorium – together the three areas can house hundreds of people for client events or office arrangements.

Copenhagen | Denmark
Realised, 2020
27.000 m2