The crown jewel of the new neighbourhood Papirfabrikken in Silkeborg

Boasting a total floor area of 11,380 square metres distributed across 23 levels and reaching a height of 70 metres, Papirtårnet – or The Paper Tower – will be a landmark building and a distinctive residential property in central Silkeborg.

The striking block of flats will be the crowning glory in the attractive Papirfabrikken district of Silkeborg which we has been transforming over the past 20 years from a disused paper mill into a new urban district with an exciting mix of businesses, homes and culture.

The name Papirtårnet is a reference to the former paper mill, its closest neighbour and the industrial complex around which modern Silkeborg originally developed.

Rising up 70 metres, Papirtårnet is a distinctive building in every respect, situated in a beautiful and scenic setting, yet close to all amenities. The tower rises up above the lower surrounding buildings, characterised by its modern and distinctive architecture and with clear ties to the paper mill’s identity. The special history of the area is reflected in Papirtårnet’s architecture and materials, with hard-burned brick in shades of red giving it an industrial look to match the existing buildings.

The facades are interspersed with small sections of flaming brick that break up the otherwise imposing scale of the high-rise block. The sections of brickwork create varied patterns and an interplay of reddish tones, while the positioning of the windows is vertically combined over two storeys, resulting in a dynamic composition and a beautiful play of shadows across the facades. The brickwork and window elements change character depending on whether they are viewed from far away or close up, while the austere but exquisitely detailed brick surfaces and dimensions harmonise perfectly with the industrial scale, character and history of the whole district. At ground level, the base is open and inviting, creating life in and around the building.

Papirtårnet will have a total of 79 flats ranging in size between 80 and 250 square metres, with 1,000 square metres of commercial floor space on the ground floor. The lower ten floors will be used for cooperative housing, while the upper floors, which offer outstanding views of the lakes, woods and the city of Silkeborg, will be owner-occupied units. The top two floors are reserved for four exclusive penthouse apartments. All the flats feature spacious balconies and large windows offering panoramic views of the magnificently expansive surroundings.

Papirtårnet will be a unique building in terms of its architecture, materials and dimensions, and a new landmark in Silkeborg.

The project is being realised by Aberdeen Asset Management, and the first flats are expected to be ready for occupancy on 1 January 2020.

Silkeborg | Denmark
Aberdeen Asset
Under construction
11.380 m2