From industrial area to a modern part of town with business, culture and housing

Papirfabrikken is a huge project transforming a former industrial area in Silkeborg into a new, modern part of town comprising housing, business and culture.

In 2000 Silkeborg Papirfabrik ceased production and the factory area, covering about 120,000 m² in total and with industrial buildings of about 40,000 m², was bought by the investment firm Jægersborg Invest A/S, with a view to urban renewal.

The project comprises a structural plan for the future uses and new buildings, road access, car parks and path systems was prepared, including recreational areas and vegetation. On this basis, a district plan was drawn up with a view to realising the new uses and implementing individual building projects.

Revitalized with new functions
In example The Old Paper Factory was brought back to life with new uses, housing private companies, institutions and venues for cultural activities. On the outskirts of the area, a new residential area has been built which is already an integral part of the town of Silkeborg. We have tidied up the old buildings and some of the links between them have been removed. The main buildings have been converted into a hotel, cinema and offices. New buildings with rectangular layouts are lined up in relation to the preserved paper workers’ houses.

Subsequently, Årstiderne Arkitekter was responsible for the entire renewal project, which included landscaping, constructing new buildings and refurbishing existing buildings. The area is still under construction and a number of residential, commercial and cultural projects are being implemented. Some of these are new buildings and others entail renovating the former industrial building.

Transformation and Renovation
Silkeborg | Denmark
Jægersborg Invest A/S
45.000 m2