Multi-storey car park in Svendborg

A natural and respectful addition to the city

The main idea of this project is to integrate the new multi-storey car park in a manner that affords it a distinctive identity and a recognisable outline, making orientation, as well as finding a place to park, easier.

The large volume is broken down into smaller units so that it becomes a natural, respectful addition to the city – taking account of the streetscape, cemetery and neighbouring buildings. The building is set back, allowing light and air to surround the psychiatry building and the retention of existing parking in front of the building.

The car park is also placed towards the eastern side of the site, ensuring that it does not impede goods deliveries to nearby buildings. The construction allows all existing parking on the neighbouring property to be retained.

The surrounding terrain has a natural upwards gradient towards the nearby cemetery. We have made use of this feature to stagger the parking levels in half-storey stages. The storeys are linked together by a ramp construction and laid in a manner that permits the unobstructed upwards and downwards movement of vehicles. The staggering between the parking levels is made visible on the east façade, where a distinctive stair tower takes up the levels from both building bodies. The entrance to the multi-storey car park thus represents a recognisable and visible element which, in its design and transparency, affords openness and safety both during the day and at night.

Office and Business
Svendborg | Denmark
Region Syddanmark
10.000 m² | 357 parking spaces
Realised, 2013