A new learning environment with modern study- and science facilities

A science building and a canteen building in a strikingly elliptical shape have been added to Ordrup Upper Secondary School.

The enlargement comprises a new two-storey brick science building, covering 1,400 m², with six special-subject rooms, primarily equipped with the latest laboratory equipment and associated technology.

The project also includes an interesting new single-storey canteen building with dining capacity for 1,200, as well as a production kitchen, approx. 400 m², designed as a transparent glass ellipse.

New outdoor areas for student gatherings and parking are harmoniously integrated in the urban area worthy of preservation. Sweco Architects was also in charge of the landscaping design. The building project comprises a number of energy-efficient, eco-friendly features.

Learning and Leisure
Charlottenlund | Denmark
3.800 m2