Ørestad South 1.0

A mix of tower blocks and terrace houses in scenic sorroundings near Copenhagen

Ørestad Syd is an attractive neighbourhood in Copenhagen surrounded by the vast common, Kalvebod Fælled. The area offers modern urban life in scenic surroundings.

Building plot 1.0 distinguishes itself from the area’s other apartment blocks by creating the transition to the nearby Arena quarter’s varied building stock. The development is a mix of tower blocks and terraced houses, where the north-eastern tower block houses a three-storey day-care centre, while the two other towers house eight storeys of apartments.

In addition, the development plan contains 40 terraced houses of four different types. To create a variation of property types and sizes, the terraced houses have two different widths, while all are three storeys high. The wide type, which faces the common, has a split-level layout.

The spacious roof terraces, which are placed on different floors of the properties, help create a greater degree of privacy in the various outdoor open spaces, and also make for a spacious, architecturally varied building, which caters to a broad spectrum of residents in the new neighbourhood.

Ørestad South | Copenhagen
Under construction