The Nordic Council

A specially designed lighting installation and an exclusive selection of materials

With a specially designed lighting installation and an exclusive selection of materials, The Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Council got new refurbished office facilities in central Copenhagen located in a classic property, which today creates a modern and welcoming framework for the organisation.

The new office facilities and the associated reception area are decorated in a beautiful, classic property located in central Copenhagen. When working with the interior special efforts have been made to emphasize as much of the original and classical character of the rooms as possible. In this way, a large and significant arrival area has been created, where the employees can receive guests in a beautiful and professional setting.

The arrival area is characterized by a subdued range of colours, and is furnished with a reception desk and benches in natural oak. In combination with furniture in bright wool the natural materials add warmth to the space, which also visually complement the detailed natural stone floor. In combination the different colours and natural materials create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for the benefit of the building’s guests and employees.

Another central thrust has been to implement a unique and specially designed light installation in the reception area. The installation is designed as separated elegant brass bars which together create a sculptural northern lightning cloud above the arrival. The golden material works well with the space’s natural materials, and adds something new and exclusive to the room.

The installation is designed by Årstiderne Arkitekter in cooperation with Anour – a Danish-Iranian designer and lighting manufacturer.

Spaceplanning and Interior Design
Copenhagen | Denmark
The Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Council
Realised, 2018
150 m2
Architectural advising | Interior concept | Light installation