Nørre Gymnasium

New high school spaces at Nørre Gymnasium

The upper secondary school’s framework has been transformed through a series of projects. The new additions were all created to be multi-functional as a key element.

The project comprises several independent projects. In example a multi-purpose hall with new rooms for drama, weight training and sports theory. The hall is built with respect for the conservation line of the Vestvolden rampart.

The aim of the new multi-purpose hall is primarily to update the sports facilities, but it can also be used for multiple purposes during events, assemblies, examinations, etc.

The multi-purpose hall also houses new facilities for drama classes, weight training and sports theory and is part of an overall modernisation of the upper secondary school.

Every space in the new high school facilities is filled with activity and people creating a sense of belonging for all users in a new unifying identity for the school, which was a deliberate aim of the projects.

Also, the projekt comprises a multi-purpose lobby area for assemblies, lectures, music, parties, working and relaxing. A teachers’ room with cloakroom, kitchen and meeting facilities is located on the first floor. In connection to the school new outdoor activity areas with varying surfacing and spaces for breaks, sports and activities have been established.

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Nørre Gymnasium

The new hall is constructed according to a concept of simple, economic construction system with a strikingly exposed laminated-wood structure and an abundance of daylight. All structures are nicely presented in bright colours.