Niels Hemmingsens Gade

From former bank building to attractive retail- and office facilities in central Copenhagen

The historic neoclassical property at Niels Hemmingsens Gade has been carefully renovated and revitalized with new functions to the benefit of the entire area in central Copenhagen.

In 2010 Copenhagen Hospitality College moved out of the city, and since then the historic property in Niels Hemmingsens Gade has been empty. Now the building is revitalized with new functions and by that it contributes to the development of the entire area in central Copenhagen.

The neoclassical bank building was built for the Copenhagen Savings Bank in 1868. Since then, the property has been renovated and expanded several times, and has been functioning as a bank until 2003, where Copenhagen Hospitality College moved into the building.

The building contains several exceptional spaces – in example the former bank hall with beautiful vaulted ceilings, goldens pillars and neat details in glass, wood and wrought iron. These details, and other distinctive features of the building, is a part of the respectful restoration of the spaces just like the renovation of the building is implemented with respect of its history and original architecture – in example the beautiful coffered ceiling in one of the rooms was found during the process, and brought back to its original shape.

Transformation and Renovation
Copenhagen | Denmark
Realised, 2018
5.524 m2

Open towards the city
Throughout the entire process, our aim has been to preserve the original architecture, while still revitalizing the building with new functions. The main architectural thrust has been to open the property towards the city with large, open shopfronts on the ground floor. On the office floors daylight conditions will be optimized with big windows facing both the yard and the street – this will ensure new, attractive and modern office- and retail facilities.

Furthermore, we are installing new skylights, a new elevator and front stairs that will create a new entrance without difference in level from the street. The outer areas will also be optimized and new roof terraces will be created on several floors. In the yard each facade will be decorated with hanging gardens, and the courtyard area will be designed to contain different activities.

On the ground floor and in the basement new shops and restaurant will be established to make sure that a vivid and vibrant building is created.