Multi-storey car park in Roskilde

Significant hanging gardens and innovative use of materials

Neighbouring Roskilde Cathedral, the abbey and the city museum, the new multi-storey car park in Roskilde city centre has been designed with a special brick facade that integrates beautifully with the architecture of the historic surroundings. At the same time, with its distinctive hanging gardens, the car park gives the city centre a modern, green identity.

The new multi-storey car park, which is situated on Sortebrødre Plads in Roskilde, has 500 parking spaces on 10 levels.

The building has been designed with a keen sense for its historic setting, surrounded as it is by a number of beautiful historic buildings – all of outstanding quality with fine brick detailing. The architecture of the car park was thus inspired by the neighbouring buildings, and in terms of the mix of materials used, it enters into an interesting dialogue with its neighbours, and will patinate beautifully together with the rest of the local district.

“Located in Roskilde’s cultural heartland – close to the UNESCO-listed cathedral – the car park becomes part of a special cultural heritage. The car park had to be seen as a building that was more than just a car parking facility. To blend in naturally, it therefore represents a contemporary reinterpretation of its historical surroundings.”
Nikolaj Effert Jonasen, architect

Office and Business
Roskilde | Denmark
Roskilde Municipality
13.500 m2
Realised, 2018
5E Byg A/S | COWI A/S | Moe A/S

Innovative brick cladding
To encapsulate the raw concrete structure, the car park was clad in brick to create a simple facade to match the local context, and which will patinate beautifully together with the surrounding buildings.

It was decided to use the Spanish brick product Flexbrick, which was originally developed for use in connection with the restoration of old brick ceilings, but is used here as an innovative cladding material on the car park facades, where the bricks are hung in a steel wire net. Using this modern brick product also meets the obvious need for natural ventilation throughout the car park.

“This contemporary, industrial brick product solves both the need for ventilation and daylight while at the same time enabling the car park to enter into a dialogue with the neighbouring buildings.”
Nikolaj Effert Jonasen, architect MAA

Yet another bonus of the airy brick facade is that daylight is filtered through the building, so that car users experience an open and airy car park with a fascinating interplay of light.

Hanging gardens – a  green oasis in the city centre
The car park’s brick facades will eventually be covered with climbing plants. In addition, a link will be created between the car park and Sortebrødre Plads via a sculptural, green stairway with large seating plateaus – a modern interpretation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and a new addition to the other green spaces on Roskilde’s cultural axis.

The intention is that, instead of taking the lift, drivers will be motivated to use the landscaped stairway – and feel that they are leaving their cars in a truly unique car park.