Upgraded shop flow and connection to parking area

Årstiderne Arkitekter was tasked with transforming an old, outdated shop into an attractive and functional grocery store which would attract a wide range of customers from the local area based on its products and ambiance.

At the same time, MENY’s new design concept was implemented in the store, which changed from a Super Best to a MENY supermarket.

The whole store layout has therefore been rethought, including the necessary adaptation of the logistics, customer and traffic flows, and the shop has undergone extensive renovation. We were responsible for volume study, idea proposal, concept design and quotes. In addition, the project included the implementation of a design concept, traffic planning, logistics planning and customer flow.

Årstiderne Arkitekter has created a superior and far more welcoming store with an improved flow of customers through the store and to and from the parking area in front of the store. The store has been transformed both visually and functionally following extensive modernisation both inside and out. With the new interior design and changed look, MENY Sæby can now realise its ambition of remaining the leading store in town.

Sæby | Denmark
Completed, 2016
2.500 m2