Marienlund Plejecenter - Landscape

Homely gardens create sheltered environments

Marienlund Nursing Home is an innovative nursing home for the future, which has been built with the aim of creating a homely atmosphere for residents. The nursing home has 120 dementia units, of which 96 are ordinary assisted-living units while 24 are designed for the mentally disabled. The idea behind the nursing home has been to combine the best aspects of an independent home with the sense of security offered by the care facility to thus create the best conditions for residents to lead happy lives.

In the landscaping of the outdoor areas, the focus has been on creating small, secure garden spaces for the residents – protective environments that prevent the residents from walking off site. Another priority was to avoid the use of fencing by screening off the areas with trees and other types of greenery. Hedges and tall grasses have therefore been planted on the sloping borders, creating natural boundaries and enhancing the general sense of security for the residents.

In addition, the surfacing throughout the area has been designed with pale and eye-catching paving, as older people are often confused by dark paving, which they may experience as holes. Paths have been laid throughout the area to enable the residents to take short walks outdoors. The outdoor areas include special areas for relaxation, winter gardens, looped paths and training tracks which encourage residents and visitors alike to engage in various activities.

Silkeborg | Denmark
Municipality of Silkeborg
Realised, 2017