A high-end food market at the vibrant Nordre Toldbod in Copenhagen

The underlying concept of the store is to express Løgismose's values and show the brand's unique identity and its history.

Løgismose is a 700 m² high-end food market at the smart Nordre Toldbod in Copenhagen, not far from The Little Mermaid.  The store stocks a wide selection of first class foods, takeaway, wine, cheese, specialities and delicacies.

Throughout its history, Løgismose has been characterised by its courage and rebellious mindset, which have given it the will and the energy to break new ground, set new standards for food and wine and widen the general perception of “the good life”. This story is reflected in the store’s seamless, relaxed interior.

We assisted with architectural consulting – from development to realisation of the concept and interior design of the delicatessen, all in line with Løgismose’s carefully considered concept and identity. The interior of the store is designed to ensure a dynamic flow through the store, supplemented by active areas that make the selected products attractive to customers. Løgismose’s exquisite products are reflected in the exclusive choice of materials used in the store’s décor.

In the store’s layout and interior design, we worked with a variety of luxurious materials in unexpected combinations, and the expression is welcoming and relaxed, yet edgy and full of character at the same time. The design of the store has a dynamic flow with tastings, etc., which tempt visitors to become satisfied Løgismose customers.

Retail | Transformation and Renovation | Spaceplanning and Interior Design
Copenhagen | Denmark
Completed, 2015
700 m²