Les Deux

Identity and design concept across shops and showrooms

Based on a combination of raw materials, Nordic colours and custom-designed shop fittings, the Danish fashion brand Les Deux has developed an interior design concept that creates a sense of visual identity across the brand’s showrooms and shop-in-shops.

In close collaboration with Les Deux, which in the coming years plans to open 14 new shops in Europe, Årstiderne Arkitekter’s Space planning and interior design department has developed a new design line and a shop interior concept for the fashion company. The new concept has so far been implemented in Les Deux’s showroom in Copenhagen, in its shop-in-shops in all the Danish Magasin department stores and in a pop-up shop in the London department store Harvey Nichols.

To support the brand universe, which is elegant, modern and urban, selected materials have been consistently used throughout the shops as well as a colour scale comprising Nordic shades of green, blue, red and brown based on Les Deux’s collections and designs.

“In designing the shop interiors, we work with a consistent and raw choice of materials inspired by smoked oak, brass and leather. These materials are combined with more elegant elements such as navy-blue velvet curtains, carpets and KABE wall paint to create contrasting and vibrant effects in the interior design.”
Anne Sofie Spliid, architect

Spaceplanning and Interior Design
Frederiksberg | Denmark
Le Deux
Realised, 2018

Specially designed interior elements
The aim of the interior design concept has been to develop a flexible concept which supports the way in which the brand presents its collections, and as a key element specially designed wall brackets and clothes rails have been developed which can be varied and combined depending on which products are being displayed. The clothes rails are stringently proportioned, and are made by cabinetmakers in smoked oak and brass. With their sleek design, they serve as both functional and sculptural elements in the interior design.

The design concept has been developed on the basis of a thorough analysis of the brand and its target group, and is continually being expanded to include new elements and shop interiors, with designers working closely with Les Deux at all times.