Kunstnerkarréen - Landscape

Inviting outdoor areas designed with focus on light and communities

Surrounded by the extensive nature of Kalvebod Fælled, you find Copenhagen’s new residential area, Kunstnerkarréen. Each resident in Kunstnerkarréen has access to both private and common outdoor areas, which are designed with focus on light and shadow during the day. Furthermore, the areas create options for both relaxation and activities for different user- and age groups.

“In the courtyard of Kunstnerkarréen the residents will find common outdoor areas with options for both relaxation and activities, which will attract both couples, singles, families, young people and seniors. To optimise the functions of the courtyard, the buildings around it are designed to let as much daylight as possible in.”
Christian Sørensen, Creative Manager, Landscape Architecture

The buildings in Kunstnerkarréen vary in height between three and six levels, to create a vivid architectural expression, and to secure the best possible conditions for sunlight in the inner courtyard. The landscape garden is located in the sunniest part of the courtyard, and is designed as a green area, which gives the garden a lush and recreational atmosphere. The less sunny part of the courtyard comprises practical functions like bicycle parking, and is designed as a garden with flowering trees, bushes and climbing plants, which over time will grow along the courtyard’s fence.

Copenhagen | Denmark
Completed, 2019

The zones between the private, common and public outdoor areas are 2-3 meters wide, and are designed as front yards, that prevent glimpse into the homes on the ground floor. At the same time, the zones work as semi-private areas, which the residents can use for rest and planation. With that, the outdoor spaces support the local life in the area by making room for informal meetings.