Youth housing at Kousgaards Plads

Varied student housing tailored for different user groups

The student housing is centrally located in Herning city centre. The building is designed to complete Kousgaards Plads as a dynamic new urban space.

The building is raised on pillars, reducing the number of existing parking spaces as little as possible. A new, covered urban space is created beneath the building, which, in the evening hours, gives the square an artistic look and, in the daytime, can be used for new, outdoor activities.

The building sends the architectural message that it provides the setting for young people’s homes. A dynamic idiom has been used, with colours and changeability added. The green screens, which can be pulled across the south-facing windows, cause the building to change its look from day to day.

The residences are set out in such a way that the basic layout can be adapted to the individual requirements of the young residents. By erecting or removing small wall sections, new room layouts can be created in the residence. This flexibility makes it possible for a much larger group of residents to fulfil its housing dreams than if all the homes were the same.

The future residents have been involved in the project planning along the way to ensure that their needs are met. The development comprises units for couples, units that can be shared by two people, units for single people and units that can be combined into one larger family home

Public Housing
Herning | Denmark
Boligselskabet Fruehøjgaard
Realised, 2016
3.600 m2