Køge Kyst - Strædet

Strædet bliver byens centrale nerve beliggende mellem butiksgaden, kirken og torvet

Over the next 25 years, the Køge Kyst urban development project aims to lead to a uniquely attractive and sustainable neighbourhood with spaces and amenities that interconnect the town. We were responsible for the layout and project planning of lanes and squares, as well as public and private roof gardens.

Strædet will become the new nerve centre of the town, linking the existing shopping street, the church and the old town square. Running across Strædet and intertwined with the existing town are ‘Slipperne’ (the Alleys). These represent another, more fluid pattern of movement which facilitates the transition from Køge’s old medieval structures to the new squares of the modern town. Along Strædet, fresh green roof gardens will be established, proposing a secluded and relaxing spot from which to enjoy the light and airy surroundings.

Taking the town’s history as an old commercial port as the point of departure, we focused on the use of rustic, authentic materials such as concrete and Corten steel, timber decking and reused treatments. The rainwater drainage system was integrated into surfaces and green roofs for ease of connection with Køge ‘s communal rainwater system.

A high degree of architectural ambition and high quality targets for the forthcoming urban and residential environments characterised this project. The conceptual design project included, for example, impressions of the new shopping area, Strædet, which is connected to Nørregade by a series of narrow passageways or ‘alleys’. Køge will also acquire several diverse and vibrant urban spaces, including a new station square for pedestrians and cyclists and a number of exciting, green roof gardens.

Årstiderne Arkitekter were responsible for much of the development in Ørestad Syd, creating novel architectural solutions and landscaping. This site stands next to a rugged common, the object of microbiological studies and pioneer planting. It was therefore important that the courtyard area evince openness, like the common. Organic forms intersperse the straight façades of the development.

Project development will be executed in partnership with RealDania and the involvement of numerous actors and stakeholders.

Køge | Denmark
TK Development A/S
Realised, 2015