Jyske Bank Boxen

A multi-flexible arena designed for common experiences

Our idea was to consider Boxen as an 'experience machine', with built-in versatility and flexibility, so that the space within it can be transformed according to the event.

Working in cooperation with Messecenter Herning, we designed Jyske Bank Boxen, which is Denmark’s largest multi-flexible arena, designed to provide the venue for entertainment experiences with a focus on sports, concerts, shows and events – such as swimming competitions, handball, speedway, TV shows and concerts by international music stars.

Form and function are closely linked in a machine, and it is therefore honest, often sober, in its expression. This rational approach had a great influence on the look of the building, the choice of materials and the functional layout. It is seen in Boxen’s visible structures, the optimised areas and the simple materials. The result is a form of building that reflects its interior.

The inclined façades show the use of the building. Functionally, there is a need for more space on the ground floor of the building than on the other floors, as all visitors have to enter via the ground floor, but the number of people subsides the further up you go. At the same time, the conical form of the building helps to create Boxen’s good acoustics, which are recognised by concert organisers as being some of the best in Europe.

Our vision has been for the audience to enjoy a total experience whatever the event, which is seen in the design of the large, flexible grandstands, the layout of which can be combined and modified. The geometric curve, the parabola, formed the basis of the flexible grandstand’s construction, which provides optimal sight lines to the stage from all seats, and the curves of the grandstand help to create an intimate atmosphere.

Learning and Leisure
Herning | Denmark
Herning Messe- og Kongrescenter
Realised, 2011
30,000 m² | Spectator capacity 15.000 | 12.500 seats in grandstand