Israels Plads

A breathing space protected from traffic in the centre of Copenhagen

Israels Plads is a vibrant and coherent urban space in the form of a floating granite surface with folds at the square corners, serving as stairs for seating. At the same time the folds refer to the history of the site when it was once part of Copenhagen’s ramparts.

Israels Plads is a coherent urban space, merging square, space and park. The refurbished square has a raised granite pavement which protrudes into H.C. Ørsted Park. The park’s greenness is drawn into the square in the form of scattered solitary trees. Two folds in the square’s surfacing serve as platforms on which to sit and relax.

The square must accommodate the everyday activities of the area’s residents and therefore offers a wide variety of activities and options, including in the form of a ball court and playing areas to supplement the areas for sitting and relaxing. Three schools in the area are allowed to use the square as a school yard, including N. Zahle School.

The streets along the blocks of flats surrounding the square are paved with traditional cobblestone: worn, recycled cobblestones of Nordic origin, similar to those found throughout the streets of Copenhagen. As a beautiful and historically-qualified reference, they blend in with the rest of the city and serve as transit routes for cyclists, delivery vans, etc.

Landspace architecture
Copenhagen | Denmark
Copenhagen Municipality
8.400 m2