A trailblazer for sustainability and a new meeting place for business communities and entrepreneurs

Innovest is a new centre for growth, development and innovation in Western Jutland. The building is a trailblazer for sustainability and is certified in accordance with DGNB-DK.

The vision for Innovest was to create a meeting place for the established business community and entrepreneurs, where all parties might be inspired to create growth and foster business development in general. This is the locus for a knowledge bank where knowledge and innovation become accessible. To reflect these goals, the construction is permeated with product innovation, technology and new methods. Innovest is also the centre for a number of business education programmes in the area.

We were conscious of the mandate to foster an interconnection of established businesses and students; our response was to give the construction a partially circular form – inspired by the  winding course of the Skjern river. The building surrounds an inner equipment yard in the centre, whilst the business community, teaching rooms, meeting rooms and a larger auditorium share the upper floors.

The circular shape allows a view across areas and storeys and thus contributes to the community spirit amongst users of the building. Architecturally, Innovest is experienced as a dynamic, complete unit; it nonetheless has potential for infinite extensions, like adding beads to a string. In this way, the building will remain a harmonious whole – even in the face of subsequent additions and expansion, suggesting the opportunities for growth, development and innovation as continuing facets of life in West Jutland.

Office and Business
Skjern | Denmark
Ringkøbing-Skjern Forsyning A/S
Realised, 2015
14.000 m²