IK Investment Partners

New offices in a listed building in central Copenhagen

Amaliegade 27 provided an address for Denmark's first hospital until the beginning of the 20th century. When Rigshospitalet on Blegdamsvej was inaugurated in 1910, the property was subsequently close to being demolished.

The property was fortunately saved, and in 1944 received the status of conservation. We have recently had the pleasure of creating a personal and exclusive framework for the company’s employees and clients from all over the world, where we have emphasized professionalism and knowledge sharing.

The bright work areas are kept in classic color scale to support the beautiful building and its historic location. With six meters to the ceiling, we have worked with both acoustic panels and acoustic materials to create a comfortable sound climate.

We have “lowered” the ceiling by giving it a deep dark blue color to create an intimate and innovative Copenhagen atmosphere in the beautiful high-ceilinged rooms.

Spaceplanning and Interior Design
Copenhagen | Denmark
Realized, 2019

We have also created a multifunctional lounge, which can be used as a lunch canteen, for events, receptions and for recess during the working day.