Høje Kolstrup

A playground for all ages

Interconnected activity areas for the many users of the area to create a dynamic setting for exertion, play and events.

New activity areas have been set up in conjunction with a major refurbishment of the Høje Kolstrup area in Aabenraa Municipality. The existing area between Høje Kolstrup School and the Agora sports hall will be transformed into activity areas for people of all ages – school children, sports hall users and residents in the area. The project comprises a new multi-purpose playing field, a playground and skatepark between Høje Kolstrup School and the Agora sports hall.

In addition, a newly constructed ‘Active Square’ has been set up as part of the sports hall. A new nature playground, water fountains and stairways for sitting and relaxing have been constructed as well. In addition, pétanque courts have been set up as well as a ‘pit stop’ where it is possible to workout and change clothes, as well as a canopy providing shelter from rain, sunshine and wind.

The project was supported by the foundation ‘Lokale- og Anlægsfonden’ and RealDania and won Aabenraa Municipality’s 2012 architectural award. The chairman of the panel of judges, Jan Riber Jakobsen , stated that “The children’s multi-purpose field, skatepark and playground prompt both horizontal and vertical movement and invite activity with their inciting colours, thereby energising the area with brand-new dynamism. The combined facility was conceived and implemented with a flair for detail to meet the needs of different age groups and will undoubtedly play a very active part in the further development of the area.”

Landspace architecture
Høje Kolstrup | Aabenraa
Aabenraa Municipality