An urbanisation project stacking the functions of a modern city

Himmelbyen will be a new landmark in Ørestad – an urbanization project stacking the different functions of the city.

The project contains both retail facilities, an entertainment centre for kids and families, self-storage and a new housing area at the 6th floor with 128 apartments raised above the city.

Himmelbyen is a large, angular block in Ørestad’s new building stock, is characterised by its highly diverse and mixed functions, including four storeys of commercial units with apartments at the top, which enjoy optimal daylight conditions and views across Ørestad. Despite its size, the building opens out onto the street and surroundings.

Ørestad Syd | Copenhagen | Denmark
Completed in 2018
26.600 m²

Expressive external stairwells run up along the facades, and a raised, communal outdoor space for the block’s residents offers tremendous views across the neighbourhood and the green area, Kalvebod Fælled. The green outdoor space offers access to all apartments, which can also be accessed from one of three centrally positioned elevator cores with entry from the surrounding streets, as well as via the stairs.

The idea is to create a distinctive, functionally complex building, which offers both attractive homes and exciting commercial functions. The apartments at the top will form a marked skyline in Ørestad, and the building’s mixed functions and its architecture will contribute to a varied and lively neighbourhood. The character of the building closely interacts with the visions that exist for the area’s future development.