Herning+ - Landscape

Peri-urban housing, urban square with businesses and green areas

Herning+ will be a brand new urban district occupying the former hospital grounds and with more than 50,000 m2 of housing. The site will be divided into ‘The old town’ and ‘The new town’, each with its own landscape identity.

The old town will be dominated by the former hospital buildings and park-like spaces, while the new town will comprise new and modern blocks of flats. Two different landscape typologies have been designed for the two urban districts: ‘The green expanse’ and ‘The green spaces’.

The green expanse surrounds the centrally located historical buildings in the form of a large park-like urban space where life unfolds and plants flow right up to the building facade. The green expanse includes a gardening community section, including fruit groves and vegetable gardens, and where the residents are able to meet and garden together. The expanse of lawn also includes a section of grass mound landscaping as a perfect children’s play space. Finally, the green expanse also has an amphitheatre, a distinct circular area where the middle of the circle is sunk and surrounded by step edges.  Here, it is also possible to spend many hours playing ball games, doing or watching theatre performances, engaging in play or simply passing the time of day with neighbours.

The green spaces are found beside the new blocks of flats, where the green element takes the form of classic courtyard spaces. In the new and modern blocks, residents overlooking the street have small front gardens which they can make their own by planting their favourite shrubs etc.

At the heart of Herning+ is the new main square which brings together the two areas and serves as a meeting place between the two typologies. A strong sense of community pervades the square, where the public can visit the cafés and shops in the new urban environment.

Green plants a unifying force
As a unifying element between the different building typologies and landscape spaces, an overarching landscape design concept is being developed for the hospital grounds, covering a selection of plants for flowerbeds and screening grass beds. In addition, the area will have small clusters of cherry trees, which form beautiful glades with their trunks and dense foliage.

Herning | Denmark
In progress