A distinctive new company headquarter amid delightful scenic surroundings

A sculptural spiral staircase in the central atrium acts as the main element throughout the residence.

When a bucket of paint is stirred, a ‘vortex spiral’ occurs, which becomes particularly clear when two colours are mixed. Centrifugal force is a fictitious force that affects an object within a rotating frame, ‘pulling’ it away from the centre. Centrifugal force and the vortex spiral are two terms that inspired us when designing this project.

Office and Business
Kgs. Lyngby | Denmark
Completed, 2013
5.000 m²

The spiral is a central element and focal point for the entire structure. Symbolically, this spiral affects the rest of the building, lending it a particular dynamic and form: in particular, it is expressed in a sculptured stairway at the centre of the building. In this respect, it acts as a centripetal force from one frame of reference, the movement ‘creating’ the central atrium at the heart of the building.

In contrast to the inner, organic shapes and vegetation outside, the building has precise rectangular volumes, which are constructed in light materials. These opposing factors add a certain tension to our experience of the architecture; the organic forms enhancing the precise and sharp-cut aspects of the construction, and vice versa.