A promenade along the inner waterfront of Copenhagen tailored for pedestrians and cyclists

The project includes vantage points where tables and benches are set up for picnicking and relaxing with views of the water.

The promenade itself is divided into five small areas separated by small squares in a pattern of light and dark granite flagstones. Boats and ships can moor along the quay.

An open waterfront hall comprising eight columns has been set up and is intended for small concerts or stalls for a coming market. A bathing jetty with benches has been laid out in front of the hall.

A multi-purpose playing field has been fenced in between Niels Juels Gade and Tordenskjoldsgade. Tables and benches are set up between Tordenskjoldsgade and Cort Adlers Gade, making it possible to go picnicking with views of the water, lavender beds and newly planted oak trees.

In addition, an activity area with five big trampolines level with the ground has been set up. They make it possible to jump high without being afraid of falling off and getting hurt

Landscape architecture
Copenhagen | Denmark
Copenhagen Municipality
450 meters