Halskov Havn

A significant new landmark of the area

The project emphasizes the special raw character of the site - both in the selection of new materials and the recycling of existing ones. The concrete piers have been exposed and fragments of bulwarks and harbor fittings have been preserved.

The project is an architectural intervention that will ensure accessibility to the water and water sports activities at the old ferry port.

The diving tower is the area’s visible marker. The tower is designed for a jump from 4, 8 and 11 meters and has a distinctive yellow signal color that can be seen from the Great Belt Bridge. The tower is made of three stacked containers, that turn gradually to generate an interesting interaction between activity, shadows and volumes.

As a continuous theme, the project recycles as many materials as possible from the former port, either directly or through upcycling. The area’s boundaries and benches consist of the former bulwarks from the ferry port, while new wooden decks consist of sawn bulwark. The facility buildings, also built by containers, are covered with heat treated wood from sustainable forestry that ensures minimal maintenance. On the energy side, LED lighting is used to minimize total consumption.

The project comprises a diving tower with the possibility of jumping from 4, 8 and 11 meters, a climbing wall, access through ladders, ramps and floating platforms to the water, three beach volleyball courtsand a view point with fixed binoculars at the outermost pier.

Also the project comprises a facility building with toilets, changing room, depot and outdoor showers. The walking paths in the area have been upgraded and the arrival and parking areas are refurbished.

Learning and Leisure
Halskov Harbour | Korsør | Denmark
Slagelse Municipality