Grindsted Town Hall

A modern town hall with focus on sustainability and work environment.

The task was to draw up a proposal for the renovation and extension of the town hall in Grindsted. The building houses municipal office and administration facilities and is the new town hall for the municipality of Billund.

Billund’s new town hall in Grindsted serves all the residents of the municipality. It is also a flagship for new architecture, the work environment and sustainability. Moreover, it was stipulated that the town hall should promote the vision of Billund as the ‘children’s capital’. The new building was constructed over three storeys totalling 12.5 metres in height. This was carefully determined in order to achieve harmony with the context and to achieve the best possible layout. The floors are clearly delineated by means of horizontal bands in the façade, interspersed with tall windows and façade sections. The rhythmic and monotone expression of the pre-existing façade was continued in a new interpretation, albeit with a more dynamic, playful character that reflects conditions in today’s municipality.

The task involved demolishing parts of the old buildings, renovating approximately 2,000 m2 of the ‘main building’ and generating almost 4,500 m2 of dedicated space for town hall functions.  The transition between the new and the old was blurred in order to achieve the impression of a single, cohesive building.

Office and Business
Grindsted | Denmark
Billund Municipality
Realised, 2015