Gran Torino

From dilapidated rear premises to attractive and functional restaurant facilities

The Italian restaurant Gran Torino wanted to transform the dilapidated rear premises in the Irma block in Copenhagen into an attractive and functional restaurant.

Part of the challenge was to combine several tenancies in the building with different floor heights into a single unit.

Our solution was to establish a restaurant on two levels, linked by a few steps. The unostentatious and relaxed interior has been created in collaboration with the restaurant, while remaining faithful to the raw look of the rooms and their history as former workshops. As a reference to the history of the rooms and the property as a whole, all the technical installations are exposed.

Outside, a prominent entrance to the restaurant has been created with a large raised terrace, which can be used for al fresco dining in the warm summer months while profiling the restaurant all year round.

The result is an eatery with a welcoming design and a strong architectural identity. A modern, unsophisticated look with clear references to the building’s past.

Spaceplanning and Interior design
Copenhagen | Denmark
Irere Lake 1 | Aberdeen Asset Management
150 m2
Realised, 2013