Gødvad Enge

A sustainable neighbourhood with water balance as its main green theme

The neighbourhood Gødvad Enge caters to a broad spectrum of people, both singles and families, who all wish to live in surroundings where nature and sustainability are given high priority, with the scope for social community and interaction with the other residents on the estate.

The development is based on rainwater management and sustainability. The central green space in the development is a passage with a rainwater playground and public path access, so that the rainwater is managed visibly and in a recreational way and for the benefit of the entire new neighbourhood.

The residences are low-energy homes, organised into 13 simple duplexes. Each duplex contains a single-storey home and a double-storey home, ensuring diversity in the composition of residents.

The spacious qualities are characterised by high-ceilinged homes and double-height spaces lit from both sides. The sustainability is screened in accordance with the sustainability standard DGNB – Green Building Council Denmark – and Silkeborg Municipality’s sustainability tool.

Public housing
Silkeborg | Denmark
AB Silkeborg
Realised, 2016
2.800 m2