GF Øresund

Green pavements and rain beds that absorb surface rainwater from paved areas

In connection with the climate adaptation of cloudburst roads in Copenhagen, we are outlining, dimensioning and planning green WSUD – Water Sensitive Urban Design (or Local Rainwater Harvesting) – solutions for the residents of the GF Øresund community association on Amager.

The housing association’s two play streets are having their green communal areas upgraded with local urban nature to enhance biodiversity. The project includes the establishment of green pavements and footpaths along the two streets as well as eight green rain beds, designed as planted hollows to absorb the rainwater from the paved carriageways.

In addition to slowing the flow of and retaining the rainwater, the beds can be planted with special plants and accommodate activities, play and relaxation depending on the specific wishes of the residents. The actual content of the eight beds was decided in connection with a workshop that was held with the residents in spring 2016.

A varied sequence of rain beds will be established and help to emphasise the lush green look of the two play streets. At the same time, the green meeting points will have a traffic-calming effect, and contribute to more life in the street.

Copenhagen | Denmark