Gentofte Hospital

Modern healthcare facilities in historic settings

At Gentofte Hospital, the hospital facilities have been converted and renovated in a number of stages – based on the respectful preservation of the hospital’s exterior architectural values, while the interior has been upgraded and modernised over the years.

Årstiderne Arkitekter has been working with Gentofte Hospital for several years, and the cooperation involves the conversion and renovation of facilities for both somatic and psychiatric patients, entailing a variety of different requirements with regard to both the architecture and functionalities.

We have handled several projects at Gentofte Hospital based on an overall master plan for the landscape – a robust, long-term and holistic plan designed to create a new and unified identity for the entire hospital.

The projects at Gentofte Hospital include, for example, the renovation of the 12,500-square-metre listed patient building from 1927, which today houses the A&E unit as well as medical wards. As part of the process, the listed facade has been restored, while the structures behind the facade have been demolished and rebuilt, so that from the exterior the building stands in its original style and architecture, while inside the hospital lives up to contemporary requirements for modern healthcare architecture. In addition, the former A&E unit has been converted into a new breast screening centre with a screening capacity of 750 citizens a day.

The work also covers the large and extensive renovation of Department Z, which houses the orthopaedic surgical ward, an arthroplasty and sports outpatient clinic as well as rehabilitation facilities, and there is also a new physiotherapy department with gymnastics equipment, training rooms, reception and back-up functions.

The work with Gentofte Hospital has also included the re-housing of Mental Health Services in the Capital Region of Denmark, which has facilities at Bispebjerg Hospital, but which needed to re-locate to Gentofte Hospital for the next five years. The project involves converting more than approx. 6,000 square metres of wards, service functions and treatment facilities to ensure the best possible re-housing. All the projects have been planned and implemented while the hospital has been in operation, and we have had a continuous dialogue with Gentofte Hospital’s technical personnel to keep disruption during the building work to a minimum.

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Gentofte Hospital
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