Future Assens

A development plan that will strengthen urban life in Assens

Assens is the main town and growth centre in the Assens district on the Danish island Funen. However, the town is about to lose its momentum. In collaboration with BARK Rådgivning, Årstiderne Arkitekter has designed a development plan for future Assens – a plan for the town’s harbour area and harbour square, which will make Assens a substantial market town again.

Assens has everything a town needs to generate growth and development – a historic city centre, the coast, the harbour, surrounding nature and cultural facilities. Nevertheless, the interest for the town is decreasing. Therefore, Årstiderne Arkitekter and BARK Rådgivning have designed a long-term, strategic development plan, which will bring out the qualities of the town and strengthen the urban life, so the town again will attract new citizens and tourists.

The plan will draw attention to the town’s attractive potential for development and serve as a long-term investment plan for Assens Municipality to attract investors and generate development cooperations.

The city’s harbour square, which today includes a library, apartments and retail, is the pivotal point of the development plan. In addition, the city’s port will be transformed into a new, attractive residential area sited a few meters from the waterline. The vision for the project is exploit the near-shore location to the water as an essential element in the city’s development.

Assens is sited towards Lillebælt, where the dock creates an active commercial life. South of the dock – right where the shopping street meets the harbour – the harbour square is located.  Today, the area is isolated from the city, which does not motivate people to move from the city centre to the water front – or the other way around. Therefore, a central thrust in the project, will be to design a new harbour square, which will connect the commercial part of town with the harbour. For instance, the library will be moved to the square in a new building, which will comprise several public functions and cultural activities. That way, a natural flow of people in the harbour square will be provoked.

To the north of the harbour square, the dock will be transformed into a new residential area – Havnekvarteret (The Harbour Quarter). The quarter will comprise a mix of attractive apartment buildings and high-density housing, which vary in scale to integrate the new buildings in the existing Assens. The buildings work as the city’s border towards the coast, and therefore it is ensured, that the recreational qualities of the shore can be enjoyed by everybody – not only the residents of Havnekvarteret.

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Realised, 2019
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