A comprehensive master plan to future-proof the property

Constructed in the 1950s the buildings are a prime example of the attractive brick housing of that period.

In 2015, Årstiderne Arkitekter won the project competition to undertake the development and implementation of a comprehensive master plan which future-proofs Fruehøjgaard’s Fruehøj estate, architecturally and socially. Constructed in the 1950s, the buildings are a prime example of the attractive brick housing of that period.

The master plan is based on the architectural qualities of the development. Around a third of the flats in the housing stock are made accessible and a number of them are combined, while all are modernised. Outdated technical installations are replaced by the latest, energy-efficient heating and ventilation solutions in order to improve the indoor climate. Large, new balconies are installed to create a unifying design element for all residences in Fruehøj.

To restore the development to its 1950’s glory, existing windows are replaced by new ones and sheet-clad end walls are re-insulated and faced, accentuating the high quality brickwork. New activities and a network of pathways breathe life into the existing green communal areas for the benefit of the residents, who once again enjoy life surrounded by attractive, green parkland.

Supported by Landsbyggefonden, the master plan of the project competition succeeded in establishing a project which created the greatest possible value for the residents and the housing association alike.

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