Fritz Hansen

Exclusive store and showroom in the historic Postgården in Copenhagen

Fritz Hansen’s exclusive store and showroom was the first store to open in the characteristic and partially listed Postgaard in Copenhagen after a thorough renovation and transformation from post office to an attractive and dynamic office and shopping environment.

The high-ceilinged rooms, that were previously filled with mail boxes, now offer an inviting setting for the ultimate in Danish furniture classics. The luxurious furniture is temptingly presented in the bright, attractive premises, which are characterised by their finely crafted windows and classic, decorated cast iron columns, the undulating pattern of which contrasts with the clean lines of the exclusive furniture.

In the restoration of the building the facades have undergone careful renovation, restoring the beautiful, classical details on Valkendorfsgade, where Fritz Hansen is located, to their former glory.

Årstiderne Arkitekter acted as architectural consultant, assisting Fritz Hansen in the planning and realisation of the completed store and showroom.

Transformation and Renovation
Copenhagen | Denmark
Fritz Hansen
Realised, 2014
315 m²