Fredericia City Centre

A urban link with distinctive aquatic features between the old city centre and the waterfront

The master plan for the city centre of Fredericia is based on the development potential inherent in Fredericia’s waterfront areas. The plan ensures that the streets and squares serve as links between the old town centre and the new urban areas by the waterfronts.

A unique pavement pattern for Fredericia is outlined in a consistent north-south orientation – accentuating the streets’ perpendicular geometrics and unifying the entire town centre. To create an interesting pavement, the individual elements are “toothed” to form part of a varied, vibrant granite surfacing.

The master plan boosts Fredericia’s most important sections of streets and retail areas by giving them brand-new pavements and new cast-iron features and luminaires. A raised cast-iron water channel at the centre of the urban space distinctively and lyrically winds its way through the town’s water stairs and fountains before returning to the harbour at GI. Havn.

Landscape Architecture
Fredericia | Denmark
Fredericia Municipality