Flintholm aREA

A new urban area with a green profile

The Flintholm area has obtained a strong, cohesive identity that creates a sense of belonging for the area’s residents.

The design of the urban spaces in the new area of Flintholm is based on the vision of Frederiksberg Municipality to create a new urban space of superb quality.  At the same time Frederiksberg wishes to carry on the green profile for which Frederiksberg is famous in the new urban area. The overarching plan for spaces, squares and streets in the area is to infuse a green profile into a very urban style.

In the overarching layout of the area, Dirch Passers Allé serves as a green link and is the pulse of the district. The avenue opens up into recreational “pockets” and is linked to the district’s four new self-contained squares. Each square has a unique identity and is instrumental in creating identity and a sense of belonging for the area’s residents.

Sweco Architects was in charge of designing, planning and supervising Dirch Passers Allé, Flintholm Allé and Preben Kaas Vænge, as well as the creation of a square between Dirch Passers Allé and Preben Kaas Vænge.

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Frederiksberg Municipality