A classic Copenhagen property revitalized with shops, restaurants and 24 modern apartments

The building complex, which is located in the heart of Copenhagen’s bustling shopping area, comprises five individual properties.

For many years the properties housed the teaching- and administration facilities for the University of Copenhagen. The beautiful properties have now been developed and leased to tenants who support contemporary urban life. The properties contains 24 unique homes and updated, refurbished shops and restaurants at street level.

The ambition of the project was for the building complex as a whole to appear attractive and distinctive as the elegant, finely detailed Copenhagen properties they are, with an updated architectural expression and welcoming, new façades.

The project has proved such a success that the completed renovation and updating of the properties – three of which are listed – as well as the changed use of the building complex, have led to noticeable urban regeneration in that part of central Copenhagen.

The property is managed by Oskar Jensen Group for Ejendomsselskabet FK A/S.

Transformation and Renovation
Copenhagen | Denmark
Oskar Jensen Group
Realised, 2013
4.500 m2