Favrholm Nord - Landscape

Landscape architecture as a unifying feature

Favrholm Nord is a new district in Hillerød north of Copenhagen which in future will be developed to include housing, institutions, businesses as well as parks and urban spaces. The project, which is being developed in collaboration with Sweco, also comprises infrastructural solutions, climate protection and environmental measures.

In tomorrow’s Favrholm Nord – Hillerød’s new green urban district – landscape architecture will be incorporated into every technical solution as a unifying feature.

“Favrholm Nord is a brand new urban district which will very much be tied together by landscape architectural elements in the form of new squares and urban spaces, greenery as well as the art project Earthwork, which is being developed together with the international artist Maya Lin.”
Christian Sørensen, Creative Manager (East) for Landscape Architecture

The project also comprises a strategic partnership on the ‘Livskraft’ (Life force) project, a visionary development project that explores new types of activities, physical facilities and communities promoting holistic and healthy lifestyles. ‘Livskraft’ is a partnership between New North Zealand Hospital and the Municipality of Hillerød which blends art, culture, urban development, the hospital sector and research. In addition, the assignment comprises a large climate project, which is being handled by Sweco’s team of climate protection, water and environmental experts.

Hillerød | Denmark
Municipality of Hillerød
Expected to be realised in 2022