Exit 59

Conversion from truck centre to attractive retail facilities

Exit 59 is a small collection of shops located on the outskirts of Vejle along the busy E45 motorway.

The shops are intended to appeal to the many drivers passing on the motorway. Over a period of four years, the Retail department has carried out a comprehensive revitalisation of the area, giving EXIT 59 a clear and contemporary profile and a welcoming atmosphere.

We have transformed the former Danish Truck Center into three attractive leases that overlook the motorway, and changed a former Statoil petrol station into a Circle K. The petrol station is situated at the entrance to the area, and the first building you see on arrival. The buildings have been clad with new, perforated metal facades, which are illuminated from behind. The long building now houses three restaurants, including Lagkagehuset and The Diner, while the first floor has meeting rooms with all the necessary facilities which are available for hire. The Retail department has advised the lessee on, for example, the interior design, and has handled the entire process – from the initial sketches up until and including the planning phase.

Thanks to the new facades and infrastructural changes, the area now has a much more coherent feel. The infrastructure has been changed to give more priority to safety, improved wayfinding and optimised traffic flow.

The elongated building along the motorway stands out in the landscape with its new and elegant perforated steel sheet facade cladding, which is illuminated from behind. By day, the building looks like a metal-clad box, and by night it is illuminated, and therefore very visible to passing motorists as a recognisable landmark for the area. Each lessee is assured the best possible exposure, both towards the motorway and the arrival area.

Vejle | Denmark
Bygherre EXIT 59
Realised, 2015