A creative and stimulating environment posing a wide variety of intellectual and sensory challenges

Årstiderne Arkitekter employed a workshop-based outline proposal process involving management, lecturers, students and building administrators to design an innovative teaching environment.

The Academy had formulated a vision for a creative and stimulating environment wherein its ethos would be to pose a wide variety of intellectual and sensory challenges. The traditional classroom was to be replaced by a physical frame that promoted innovation and creative thinking. The object would set physical and sensory responses in motion; students and course participants would have the opportunity to develop their creative potential in exciting surroundings.

In the process, innovation and the recreation were brought together in a ‘playground’ concept. This teaching environment had no predetermined framework. The chosen furniture and materials make every individual think anew, on a daily basis.

Flexible boxes can be stacked and assembled as required – to suit small groups, presentations, parties or anyone settling down to contemplate. Away from the larger spaces, small break-out rooms in various themed guises give further food for thought – a ‘dream room’, an ‘idea room’ and a ‘control room’.

At the centre of the large space, a globe hangs from the ceiling; light conditions reflect the weather outside. The room is changeable, alive and amenable to the individual ‘person at play’.
Colour schemes, lighting and art are by Jan Wessel, who was also involved in the project development and was a creative sparring partner in the workshop process.

Learning and Leisure
Herning | Denmark
Erhversakademi MidtVest
Realised, 2014
1.265 m2