Dehn's Mansion

Årstiderne Arkitekter x House of Finn Juhl

The interior of Dehn's historical mansion in the inner city of Copenhagen turns back time, paying homage to the soul of Copenhagen. This is achieved via a dark colour scheme, natural materials, the characteristic architecture of the property, mood, richness of detail and a selection of Finn Juhl's exclusive designs.

Dehn’s Mansion is a classical Copenhagen building that is worthy of preservation. It resides as the neighbor to the Marble Church and Amalienborg. Today the building houses a philanthropic foundation and is carefully designed by balancing the richness of detail and historical architecture with the needs of modern business life.

The interior is made up of an open office plan, lounge, reception area, quiet zones, private offices and a special innovation room, which can be modified for multiple purposes – for instance group work, informal meetings, lectures or events for business partners.

“When designing the interior at Dehn’s Mansion, we have extensively attempted to recreate and conserve as much of the original expression in every room as possible. At the same time, we have tried to create a modern workspace. Instead of fighting against and trying to hide the quirks and crookedness of the house we have opted to highlight them. We did so consciously, using materials and colours that would incorporate them, making them an active part of the architecture.”
Mette Gravergaard, Creative Manager for Spaceplanning and Interior Design

The interior design of Dehn’s Mansion is characterized by dark and powerful colours, that underline the architecture of each room, such as woodwork and high panels. The colour scheme remains consistent throughout the building and is even employed to create niches and smaller confined zones within the rooms.

Natural materials and exclusive danish furniture design
The entire interior shares a common use of materials. Natural materials such as browned copper, natural stone, wood, wool and aniline leather are present in every room. A common trait for these materials is that they all patinate beautifully. Furthermore, curtains, rugs and upholstered furniture are incorporated to increase the acoustic quality and create a warm and welcoming mood.

To complement the beautiful rooms of the classical property a selection of furniture from House of Finn Juhl – Onecollection has been used to decorate many of the rooms in the mansion. For example, Kasper Salto and Thomas Sigsgaard’s modern, classic Council Chair has been used to furnish the large meeting room. Additionally, selected Finn Juhl pieces adorn the interior.

Spaceplanning and Interior Design
Copenhagen | Denmark
Completed, 2018
House of Finn Juhl | Møller & Rothe

“Finn Juhl is the perfect example of a designer who lives up to the functional demands of the present, while also maintaining an unusually high standard in terms of design, aesthetics and quality. His furniture is famous for being extremely well crafted while patinating beautifully. Both are elements that go hand in hand with the textures, architecture and atmosphere that we have been striving to obtain here at Dehn’s Mansion.”
Mette Gravergaard, Creative Manager for Spaceplanning and Interior Design

The furniture has been chosen in close collaboration with House of Finn Juhl – Onecollection.

Japanese, paperlike glass walls and secluded rooms
As part of the interior design, modern glass walls have been incorporated in carefully selected spots, to define and separate meeting and conversational rooms. The glass walls have been constructed with a refined degree of detail, that integrate with the architecture of the rooms. On some glass surfaces, shielding fabrics of a poetic, paperlike and Japanese expression have been used to complete Finn Juhl’s impeccable designs.

The lighting has been designed such that it is adjusted to the specific room and professional purpose hereof. Light and shadow effects have been deliberately exploited to underline various expressions, quirks and moods.

“When working with the lighting we have not shied away from shadows and dark corners. These have an effect and help in bringing forth the details of each room and workzone with their different purposes and atmospheres. In the casual areas of the office we have used dampened lighting.”
Mette Gravergaard, Creative Manager for Spaceplanning and Interior Design

The lighting design has been executed in cooperation with Møller and Rothe.