Modern premises perfect for informal meetings

The task was to realise Colgate’s wish for a more up-to-date working environment, that would support knowledge sharing, interdisciplinary collaboration and all those visiting the company from the group’s foreign departments.

During the initial process, which also involved the company’s employees, it became clear that it would be good for the company to make the switch from one-person and large offices to open-plan office environments. This would strengthen processes and cooperation while simultaneously creating better opportunities for informal meetings.

Our Spaceplanning and Interior Design department therefore drew up a proposal for an activity-based workplace with different work zones – including concentration zones, cooperation zones, dynamic zones with small and large conference rooms as well as open and closed areas for cooperation, meetings and ideas development.

Prior to starting work on the new layout, the rooms were stripped back to the raw concrete. The new interior design includes a high degree of design detailing. In addition, considerable focus has been on establishing effective acoustics solutions in the form of textiles and sound-absorbing surfaces, while the colours and fabrics were carefully selected to ensure a subdued contrast with the rough concrete.

Spaceplanning and Interior Design
Virum | Copenhagen | Denmark