City center of Aarhus

The reopening of Aarhus River in the city centre

Horizontal and vertical displacements are used to create varied stairways and relaxing areas in Aarhus City Centre. Centrally located, a water stairway is constructed to create a vibrant place to meet in the city.

The reopening of Aarhus River has revitalised the city centre of Aarhus. What used to be a heavily trafficked thoroughfare for lorry traffic to the Port of Aarhus is now a valuable neighbourhood of cafés, restaurants and shops where people meet, talk and shop.

The master plan gave priority to creating varied themes that in different ways brought focus to bear on creating coherence and contact between water and land.

The reopening of Aarhus River is the key element along Åboulevarden. Horizontal and vertical displacements are used by the riverbank walls for the creation of unique and differently shaped stairways and areas for sitting and relaxing. A water stairway is a central feature and the sound of its trickling water contrasts with the peaceful flow of the river.

Priority was given to infusing the urban space with a qualitative, harmonious and cohesive character by using granite materials for various functions and in a variety of colours and patterns.

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Aarhus | Denmark
City of Aarhus